Moulding department

In the moulding department, we have:

  • SCHELHASE ”ST 1600” with shuttletable solutions for ”high volume”-production
  • SCHELHASE ”HT” for ”low volume”-production
  • 6 ”OPTIMEL 100” dispensers for tests and 0-series

For more information on Thermelt, mouldingtools and machines please see

Cutting department

At the cutting-line we have SCHLEUNINGER PS 9500 with rotating knifes for ”COAX”, and completed with SCHLEUNINGER 4140-hotmarker.

  • SCHLEUNINGER “CS 9100” single wire processor
  • ARTOS ”CS-326” with ULMER MG 25-hotmarker
  • ULMER “SM 15 2P”
  • CAB. “FS 100”
  • AM. “ALL. ROUND”
  • KMI EXTREME (Full-automatic for single wire)


The Crimping department consists of:

  • KMI KM 3011
  • AMP-crimping machines type MM80287310 and KIRSTEN stripper/crimper ”PP3”, with a seriously range of applicators, fx for:
  • ZOLLER & FRÖLICH ”UNIC-L” for insulated cable nipples and ZOLLER &
  • FRÖLICH ”AM 04” for non- insulated cable nipples.

Quote from the Production Manager:
“Our KMI KM3011 and Schleuniger PP3 can strip and crimp the wire within the same process. This functionality helps to ensure the quality of the crimp, and thereby the quality of the finished product.

Besides the Schleuniger we have crimping machines from AMP and Molex. Common denominators for all of them are, that we have a wide and easily re-aligned selection of applicators, which enables us to do crimping solutions of basically any character – crimpterminals, insulated and non-insulated cablenipples, tabs-, fork- and ringterminals a.o.

Whether it is automatic or manually crimping solutions the operator training is essential. Further continued training secures safety for the operator and quality improvement for the client”

– Kim Pej

Test department

Before the finished product leaves our building, we have the alternative to run an electrical test on the product – in co-operation with our customer, at our CAMI ”CABLE EYE”-testsystem – with or without print.

During the sequence of the production, we always run both optic and mechanical tests, fx. Measuring- and tractive tests on crimps.

Usually the production sequence and the tests are planned in close association with our customer, in order to live up to our customers’ demands for specific needs and quality in the end product.